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Please fasten your seat belts...
we are about to take off!!

Soon you’ll be able to buy your tickets from our website.

Ceiba Intercontinental S.A, is the flagship airline company in Ecuatorial Guinea. We were born in 2007 with the aim to facilitate our customers the freedom of movement at a national level, having our focus on providing safe, comfortable and on-time flights with state of the art technology.

Since then we’ve been leading the market thanks to dynamism and hard work. Starting with a small fleet of ATR operating domestic routes, nowadays Ceiba Intercontinental is a symbol of expansion and growth in Ecuatorial Guineal, with a significant increase of routes and fleet every year.

Proof of our success is that our fleet count is 9 aircrafts (4 ATR and 5 Boeing), we help people travel to more than 14 destinations within Africa (including 4 national scales) and also Europe thanks to our intercontinental projection with our Madrid (Spain) flight from Malabo.

Call Center:
+240 666732438

Avenida Presidente Nasser s/n. Malabo, República de Guinea Ecuatorial